Hamilton to Aston Martin? That's definitely tempting'

25-02-2021 12:52 | Updated: 25-02-2021 12:58
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Hamilton to Aston Martin? That's definitely tempting'

Aston Martin has recruited Sebastian Vettel for the coming season and together with Lance Stroll this duo forms the line-up. Vettel is, of course, a four-time champion and his knowledge and skill can help the team move forward. The owner of the team, Lawrence Stroll, is obviously ambitious, as evidenced by the acquisition of Vettel. However, another champion will become available at the end of the year and it would be tempting to take him on as well.

One-year contract

Lewis Hamilton has recently signed a one-year contract with Mercedes. This means that after 2021 the seven-time champion is free to go wherever he wants. Whether he will re-sign with Mercedes for another year remains to be seen, but if the Brit secures his eighth title it could be a logical step to look elsewhere for a new challenge.

Hamilton is an expensive driver, but Stroll has the capabilities to meet the champion's demands. With that in mind, Stroll was asked if he is open to taking on Hamilton at the end of this year. "It is definitely tempting," Lance Stroll's father told the PA news agency.

"Lewis in any car is great, and I am sure everyone would say yes because he is a seven-time world champion. But right now, I am extremely focused on getting started this year."

So he is leaving it in the middle as to whether he is actually considering recruiting Hamilton, but the champion is at least enjoying interest, but that should come as no surprise.

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