Formula 1 looks at new options for circuits in Africa and the United States

25-02-2021 10:51 | Updated: 25-02-2021 12:53
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Formula 1 looks at new options for circuits in Africa and the United States

Formula 1 pretty much goes around the world during a season. Yet there is one continent that is not represented in the sport: Africa. Possibilities to race in Africa are now being looked into, as well as options for a possible second United States Grand Prix.

Speaking to, Global Director of Race Promotion Chloe Targett-Adams said that Africa is on her radar as one of the places where a new circuit might be built. In fact, Targett-Adams considers it a priority to explore the possibilities in Africa.

"Africa is a continent where we do not race and that is just wrong. It is a place we would like to visit, it is a priority. We have been in talks for several years for possible options and hope we can have a race there in the near future."

Africa not the only option for a new circuit

Targett-Adams does not only have Africa on her sights. She also talks about new places in Asia and in the United States that Formula 1 could visit. The latter remains a strategic priority for a second circuit as far as Adams is concerned.

"The United States remains a clear strategic priority. We have a great race in Austin and look forward to working with our promoter there in the years to come. We are looking at opportunities for a second race, a venue and hope to strengthen the racing proposition for the US."

So Adams doesn't have a clear spot in mind yet, but the goal is there. If Formula 1 were to add a race to the existing US GP and a race in Arika, almost every continent would have circuits that could be raced. Whether this will have consequences for the race calendar is not yet known, but it is conceivable that locations could be changed from season to season. After all, Portuguese Grand Prix is already back and a new location for a GP in Spain is coming up.

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