Will we be racing with an audience again? Fans will be willing to pay for it'

24-02-2021 12:57 | Updated: 24-02-2021 13:59
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Will we be racing with an audience again? Fans will be willing to pay for it'

In Great Britain, there is already some certainty about the summer of 2021. A quick vaccination strategy has led Prime Minister Boris Johnson to announce a roadmap for more relaxations, whereby sporting events with an audience will again be possible.

This is good news for Silverstone, as it would mean that the British Grand Prix could welcome fans again this summer. "We are cautiously optimistic because there is still a long way to go," Stuart Pringle, director of the circuit, told Autosport. "The requirements are clear. After all, there are factors over which no one has any influence, such as a new variant or problems with vaccination."

Possible test evidence as a measure?

Although there is no certainty yet of a race with an audience, Pringle sees the situation as rosy. "On the other hand, some things have already gone very well and I think people really do support a possibility that offers light at the end of the tunnel." Pringle also says that ticket sales will not start any time soon.

"The government has indicated that this (sports matches with audience) is the fourth step and so there are still earlier relaxations and so a lot can still go wrong. So there is no certainty yet and that makes it extremely difficult as an organiser". In any case, Pringle is open to the public, even if this requires measures. "A negative test certificate is one of the possibilities we can explore," he said.

"I think fans are quite willing to do anything to be able to see their favourite sport again. That is something we all want this summer," Pringle concluded. 

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