Giovinazzi expecting similar coronavirus measures to last year

22-02-2021 15:40 | Updated: 22-02-2021 20:06
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Giovinazzi expecting similar coronavirus measures to last year

In a preview of his third season in Formula 1, Antonio Giovinazzi has been explaining how prepared he feels for the official kick-off of the racing season in Bahrain. He also gives his view on the coronavirus measures that will be in place in 2021, and how they compare to the conditions faced by the grid last year.

In the press conference following the unveiling of the C41, Giovinazzi, who has driven for Alfa Romeo since his debut in Formula One, explained how he has grown as a driver. Asked if he feels better prepared than previous years, he explained: "Yes, of course I feel much more ready, much more prepared when compared to 2020 and 2019. Still, I think I need to do more, there's another step."

Giovinazzi seems well aware of his learning curve as a driver, and knows which areas to look for improvement: "I also grew from my first season into my second season. And that is my goal, as a driver, for this season. To try to improve in those areas where I was struggling more last year. This is also what I focused on during the winter and what I will do during the season," he said.

Very few changes

The Italian, like many of his colleagues, also sees the 2021 season as a continuation of 2020, especially given the many coronavirus-related measures still in place on the grid and around it. "I think this year, especially in the first part of the season, it will be quite similar. But I hope that at one moment in the season, we can finally go back to a normal situation, and actually be able to see fans on the grid. That was one of the parts we missed during the last season."

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