Kubica: "It’s incredible how Polish fans can find a way to show me their support"

22-02-2021 12:34
Kubica: It’s incredible how Polish fans can find a way to show me their support

Robert Kubica may have not raced in 2020 and isn't on the grid this season but that doesn't mean he hasn't felt the support of the Polish fans. Kubica hopes to be able to welcome back fans when the current situation is over.

Fans were absent for most of the 2020 season as the coronavirus pandemic caused havoc with sport around the world. When the F1 season finally got started it was behind closed doors. 

Kubica was grateful to see such incredible support from his Polish fans despite them not being allowed in.

"For sure what we missed last year was fans and this is definitely something Formula 1 is missing not only Formula 1 but generally motorsport," Kubica said in an interview courtesy of Alfa Romeo.

"Me as a driver, fans are playing an important role and Formula 1 is not the same without them. One day I hope we’ll be able to welcome them back. It’s always nice to see even if they were not allowed spectators I could see some Polish flags in grandstands, it’s incredible how Polish fans can find a way to show me their support and even if they were not allowed they manage to place their flags.

"It’s very nice and I appreciate it. As I said before one day I hope we will be able to see each other in the races and in the paddock and let’s say back to the old days."

An event for Poland

Kubica's home country hosted the C41 launch event and Kubica described the event as a boost for the whole country.

"There has always been a big passion about motorsport but additionally Orlen is doing a great job and we will have a team presentation for the first time in our history of our country that an F1 team will be presented in our country so I think it’s a very special event," Kubica added.

"And it is something that is also giving an additional boost Polish fans but not only fans in Poland but in general for the country. I am always very proud to represent Poland around the world."

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