'Ferrari to test first with Pirelli's 2022 tyres at Jerez'

19-02-2021 11:21 | Updated: 19-02-2021 12:22
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'Ferrari to test first with Pirelli's 2022 tyres at Jerez'

Next Monday, Ferrari will be the first to take action for Pirelli's enormous tyre test. Each team will have three days of testing on Pirelli's new 18-inch tyres for 2021, and Ferrari will do that in Jerez.

Test for Ferrari

In 2022 Pirelli will introduce a brand new tyre. Formula 1 as a whole will get a new look with the new aerodynamic regulations, but alongside the changes to the cars, Pirelli will also introduce new tyres. 18-inch tyres will be used for this and they need to be tested extensively in 2021.

For this season Pirelli has been given permission to hold 30 test days with the new tyres. Each team will get three days to test the tyre and the complete calendar of who will test when will be announced soon according to Motorsport.it. Ferrari will be the first to test the new tyres, next Monday.

Also testing with new cars

Ferrari will drive 2019 SF90 at Jerez with the tyres for 2022. The 2019 car has been tuned exactly to meet the 18-inch tyres. Normally a test programme consists of laps on a wet and dry track, but at Jerez, there is no possibility to wet the track with sprinklers.

From the start of the 2021 season, teams will also be allowed to use their 2021 car for the Pirelli test days instead of the old car. The 2021 car must then also be tuned to the 18-inch tyres. McLaren in particular will be interested in this, as after the switch to Mercedes they can no longer use the 2019 and 2020 cars with Renault engines. However, testing with 2021 cars is only allowed after the season starts in Bahrain, so teams cannot take advantage before the start of the season.

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