Szafnauer explains how Aston Martin are already reaping the rewards of Vettel

14-02-2021 07:52 | Updated: 14-02-2021 11:44
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Szafnauer explains how Aston Martin are already reaping the rewards of Vettel

The arrival of Sebastian Vettel at Aston Martin not only means good news for the German, who hopes to forget his last few seasons at Ferrari, the team are also anticipating better times with the experienced driver on board. The team boss Otmar Szafnauer has been explaining how Vettel has already made an impact.

Speaking to Auto, Motor und Sport, Szafnauer expressed his happiness at the positive influence Vettel is already having on the team. "Sebastian had only been with us a few days. And already in this short time he has given us this useful feedback. He hasn't even driven our car yet. We can still learn so much from him and thereby improve."

Input from Vettel

Asked about specific improvements Vettel has already brought to the team, Szafnauer replied: "First and foremost, he can bring in the experience and working methods of his world championship days. He has already instructed our race engineers which data he needs to help us with the vehicle setup."

Vettel has also already shed his light on the layout of the cockpit, explained his new team boss: "He's already helped us to improve the ergonomics in the cockpit. For example, where the switches belong and how they should be used to make the car easier to operate."

In addition, the German has already used his wide experience of the simulator to the advantage of his new team. "He's already driven in the simulator and compared it to others he knows. What's good about ours? Where do we need to improve? We can work with that,"d Szafnauer said. 

Vettel's expertise is not only good for setting in motion technological developments, his teammate Lance Stroll will also be set to reap the benefits. "Lance, who has far less experience than Sebastian in Formula 1, can also benefit from him. Just the other way around. Lance is a very talented and fast racing driver. Together they can bring our team to a higher level."

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