New F1 engine as early as 2025: 'A powerful engine that evokes emotion'

12-02-2021 08:24 | Updated: 12-02-2021 09:15
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New F1 engine as early as 2025: 'A powerful engine that evokes emotion'

The outcome of Thursday's Formula 1 Commission Meeting was favourable to Red Bull Racing. They can now start with their own engines in 2022, but more was decided. The main points of the new engine are already on paper.

The new engine as early as 2025

It was an important meeting for Formula 1 on Thursday. There was talk about freezing the engine development, sprint races in 2021, the Portuguese Grand Prix and also the engines of 2025. With the freezing of the engine development, it was also decided to bring forward the new engines by one year.

Because F1 cannot rely on 'old' engines forever, it has been decided to introduce the new engines in 2025 instead of 2026. This is the first time Liberty Media can do something about the engines. There was always talk about the sound and the cost, but there are now more points in the list of the F1 Commission. (Source: Sky Sports)

Engine for 2025

- Sustainability and social relevance for the car industry

- Switching to fully sustainable fuels

- A powerful engine that also evokes emotion from the fans

- A significant cost reduction

- Must be attractive to new manufacturers

What exactly this engine will be is still unknown for the time being. A working group has been appointed to develop a new engine based on these points. The current manufacturers will hope that not much will be changed to the current engines so that the developments of recent years will not have been in vain.

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