Formula 1 wants 2021 calendar with 26 races, to test sprint races

09-02-2021 07:53 | Updated: 09-02-2021 09:05
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Formula 1 wants 2021 calendar with 26 races, to test sprint races

The 2021 Formula One calendar might be expanded to include three additional races. These races will not be held on a new circuit but will feature a new race weekend format that Formula 1 would like to test.

Ever since Liberty Media entered the sport, people have been looking for a way to make the sport more attractive to viewers. The qualifying format has been changed before, but with little success. In 2021 Liberty wants to change this, with the possibility of three sprint races before a Grand Prix.

New Formula 1 race format

According to, Formula 1 wants to add three races to the current calendar of 23 races. Extra races are set to be added in Canada, Italy (Monza) and Brazil. 

According to the medium, Formula 1 wants qualifying for these three races to take place on Friday before the sprint race on Saturday. The result of the sprint race is then the starting grid for Sunday's race. On Thursday, during an F1 Commission meeting, this proposal will be voted on and possible points and tyre rules around the sprint race can be looked into.

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