Russell wins after Albon's time penalty: 'Sitting here with mixed feelings'

08-02-2021 07:32 | Updated: 08-02-2021 09:12
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Russell wins after Albon's time penalty: 'Sitting here with mixed feelings'

George Russell won the virtual British Grand Prix after a battle with Alexander Albon. Enzo Fittipaldi won the first race of this championship, but now it was up to the Williams driver.

Ahead of the new Formula One season, the Virtual Formula One Championship has once again kicked off with Codemasters' F1 game. F1 2020 is the platform for players to show who is the best driver, and at Silverstone the duel was between Albon and Russell. The Briton came out on top.

Russell beats Albon

''I do sit here with mixed feelings, but it's a win-win for us as a duo, so we accept it,'' Russell said after the race. The Briton was not the first to cross the line. That was Alexander Albon, but he still had a three-second time penalty to serve, so his overtaking on the last lap was for nothing.

''The new F1 game is a huge step forward. Last year not everybody was happy with it, but this one is much more realistic. It keeps you on your toes because you have to be consistent during the race and that's the same whether you're in a kart or an F1 car. Besides, it is fun to do,'' concludes the Williams driver.

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