Coyne IndyCar team: 'We'd love to have Grosjean'

27-01-2021 19:35 | Updated: 27-01-2021 20:08
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Coyne IndyCar team: 'We'd love to have Grosjean'

Romain Grosjean is no longer employed by Haas, as that team starts 2021 with a brand new line-up. The Frenchman will therefore have to look for something else and, for now, it is uncertain what he will do. This while his former teammate, Kevin Magnussen, has already secured a spot in IMSA. The IndyCar has been mentioned several times, Grosjean is said to be close to a deal with Dale Coyne Racing.

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This was reported here on GPblog a fortnight ago and now the owner of the team, Dale Coyne, has reacted as well. He states in a conversation with The Race that they are open to making a commitment with Romain Grosjean, but that at this time nothing is certain. The plan would be to recruit Grosjean for street and track racing, according to earlier reports.

Coyne: "You all could make a list of 100 drivers and we’ve probably talked to every one of them this winter – employed, unemployed, America, Europe, every country. It’s been kind of amazing. Obviously, Romain is a good driver, we’d love to have him." But Coyne is not betting on one horse, as it appears he is still in talks with more contenders.

"(I'm) working on a few other ones as well, so hopefully we get all that buttoned up and make an announcement next week, and then get out testing in February." So if Grosjean does indeed end up with this team, we should find out more next week.

Old acquaintance recruited

One of the spots on the team has already been taken, Ed Jones has been recruited. An old friend of the team, who played for them in 2017. "We’re very happy to have Ed Jones back with us this season. We were sad to see him leave after his first time with us but we’ve kept in touch since."

Whether Grosjean will be Jones' teammate remains to be seen, though interest in the Swiss Frenchman is a fact where it was previously still a rumour.

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