Wolff hits back at Horner's comments: 'He can't help himself'

25-01-2021 08:52 | Updated: 25-01-2021 09:56
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Wolff hits back at Horner's comments: 'He can't help himself'

Toto Wolff had to smile at Christian Horner's statements. The Brit had indicated that Max Verstappen was the best driver on the grid, but the Mercedes team boss would not go along with that.

Horner and Wolff are major rivals. Horner won four world titles at Red Bull Racing between 2010 and 2013, but has since seen his rival take home seven. With Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton both team bosses have a top driver at their disposal, but Wolff does not want to get into the debate about who is better.

Wolff hits back

''Horner can't resist making a comment behind the scenes, but that's part of his game. The future looks bright with the talents coming up and in the same car you can see who is the best. You can only compare a driver if they are in the same car,'' Wolff told ORF.

According to Wolff it is therefore not true that George Russell would have shown that Hamilton is not that good. ''We haven't seen Hamilton race against Russell, so you can't judge that. We also haven't seen Charles Leclerc in a top car. I have a high opinion of Sergio Perez and I am curious how he compares to Verstappen,'' the Austrian concludes.

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