Wolff also infected with coronavirus: 'That actually came out of nowhere'

25-01-2021 07:55 | Updated: 25-01-2021 09:50
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Wolff also infected with coronavirus: 'That actually came out of nowhere'

Toto Wolff has been infected with the coronavirus. After several Formula One drivers have already been infected with the virus, this is the first time a team boss in F1 has contracted COVID-19.

Toto Wolff sat down for an interview with ORF on Sunday evening. The Austrian had to admit that he too was infected with the coronavirus in January. Besides his driver Lewis Hamilton, Lance Stroll and Sergio Perez were also infected during the season, and Charles Leclerc and Lando Norris were also infected during the winter break.

Wolff infected with COVID

''We had planned to spend a few days in Kitzbühel, but out of the blue I tested positive for the coronavirus. We spent ten days in isolation, but fortunately did not suffer any symptoms. Now we are out of isolation and we can focus on Formula 1 again,'' Wolff said to the Austrian broadcaster.

Wolff also has a mountain of work to do prior to the new season. Not only does the car have to be delivered back on time for the new season, but star driver Lewis Hamilton's contract has still not been renewed. That will now be the top priority in the run-up to the season.

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