Grosjean two months after accident: "Haven't had any mental problems"

24-01-2021 13:18 | Updated: 24-01-2021 16:11
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Grosjean two months after accident: Haven't had any mental problems

It's now two months since Romain Grosjean was involved in a horror crash at the Bahrain Grand Prix. Grosjean has since returned home to his family in good health, with a renewed outlook on the future.

In an interview with Ouest France, Grosjean explained how he is doing now, two months after his accident. "It's going well. It still hurts, but I already have no splint on my thumb and no bandages on my hands."

Rehabilitation continues

However, the rehabilitation process is still ongoing. The ligament of his thumb, a kind of band that connects bones or cartilage, was completely torn and that is an injury that doesn't just heal itself.

As a result, he has to be careful with the smallest things. "Even emptying a pan of water can go wrong with my thumb, and I'm very aware of that now. It is and very new and thin skin, so it is very sensitive."

On a mental level, he admitted that things went well after the accident. "I didn't have any nightmares or things like that. We did work on it with my psychologist. But I didn't have any mental problems from it, I'm very happy about that.

"It remains a very important moment in my life, one of my experiences. But today I'm alive."

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