Formula E founder: 'Formula 1 should work with us'

24-01-2021 08:02 | Updated: 24-01-2021 12:07
Formula E founder: 'Formula 1 should work with us'

Formula E was long seen as a separate class, with no link to Formula 1. With different manufacturers and different countries being raced in, the electric racing class was nothing like F1. However, over the years more and more manufacturers have been looking at a possible move into Formula E. Mercedes have already made the move and McLaren and Alpine are also looking at possible participation in Formula E.

"Bernie should have taken control of Formula E," Alejandro Agag reflected in an interview on CarAdvise.

"Formula E is hugely different around the prestige level and the audience compared to Formula 1, but I think it will be closer in the future."

Closer cooperation to come?

Although Agag hopes it will be closer, there are still question marks. "I don't know if exactly that will happen and if the shareholders will want to see that." Agag does see the need for Formula 1 to take a step towards a sustainable sport and they can look to the example of the FE for this.

"Formula 1 does need to make a step towards electric technology and if they don't do something in partnership with Formula E, then they will have to wait another 19 years before they can do anything, because we have a 25-year licence, six of which have now passed," the Spaniard concluded.

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