Marko: "We are no longer a one-man team"

23-01-2021 19:48
Marko: We are no longer a one-man team

Red Bull Racing started the 2020 season with high expectations. The improvements to the Honda engine, among others, were going to make the difference. This was not to be, especially at the start of the season. Helmut Marko says they have now done everything to prevent a repeat.

"We are getting positive data from Honda in terms of an increase in performance. And our chassis has also been further developed during the winter," Marko said in an interview with RTL. That sounds a bit like déjà vu, but according to him there is a clear difference with last year.

Stability with the car and the drivers

Back then, a couple of drop-outs for Max Verstappen put the Austrian team at an immediate disadvantage and a world title was no longer realistic after just a few races. Absolute stability' in the team's performance should now ensure that the gap does not widen any time soon.

This is to be achieved not only with reliability but also with Sergio Perez, a driver Marko believes is structurally sound. "We now have a driver who will be close to Max, so we are no longer a one-man team, everything has been done to eliminate the weaknesses," the Red Bull advisor concluded.


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