Perez extremely humble about chance at Red Bull Racing: 'Difficult to say'

23-01-2021 16:41 | Updated: 23-01-2021 17:07
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Perez extremely humble about chance at Red Bull Racing: 'Difficult to say'

Sergio Perez will finally get his chance to race for a top team again next season after ten years in Formula 1. He did so already in 2013 at McLaren, but that team then began a decline. Since then Perez drove for Force India / Racing Point. He finds it hard to believe that he now has a chance at Red Bull Racing.

"Of all the teams in Formula 1, I always thought I wouldn't stand a chance at Red Bull," the Mexican said on the Talking Bull Podcast. "After all, I wasn't part of the junior programme. When I put on my Red Bull shirt or I drink a Red Bull, it's hard to think that this is the brand I drive for now."

A special moment for both Perez and Red Bull

"That I am now part of this family is amazing. I find it hard to believe and I don't know if it's because I thought Red Bull was never a possibility or just the feeling of driving for such a big team. When people ask me which team I drive for, it's still difficult to say Red Bull. It's just a dream come true."

It is therefore a special moment and not only for Perez. It's also a pretty unique situation for Red Bull. Since the arrival of Mark Webber in 2007, the team has never brought in a driver from outside their own programme. Due to a lack of great talent, Red Bull under the leadership of Helmut Marko has now chosen to do so.


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