McLaren praises Mercedes: "Super professional, really impressive"

23-01-2021 15:16 | Updated: 23-01-2021 16:03
McLaren praises Mercedes: Super professional, really impressive

McLaren is impressed by the work of Mercedes' engineers during the winter break. From next season onwards the Woking based team will be using engines from the German manufacturer again and the cooperation so far has been more than satisfactory, Andreas Seidl told us this weekend.

The outbreak of the British variant of the coronavirus is not necessarily causing problems at McLaren's UK factory. "We are very well on track. You have to remember that in Mercedes we are getting a new engine partner. That means a lot of work on the rear end of the car."

So there is extra work to be done, but the relationship with the guys at Mercedes is great. Seidl is very enthusiastic about the technicians from Brixworth. "It's super professional how they work. Really impressive," the team boss told F1 Insider.

McLaren progresses

It is said that the switch from Renault to Mercedes will save three to five tenths per lap. However, the German chief is cautious. "In the end you never know where you stand, until the first test day. On paper it looks like we are stronger. Also because we have improved again in terms of drivers. Lando Norris is a year more experienced and with Daniel Ricciardo we have a driver who has proven several times that he can win races."

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