F1 records & milestones Lewis Hamilton can reach after Mercedes contract extension

08-02-2021 11:35
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F1 records & milestones Lewis Hamilton can reach after Mercedes contract extension

Earlier today, Lewis Hamilton signed a contract with Mercedes which will see him remain at the team for at least another year. Recently, Hamilton has been rewriting the Formula 1 record book. At GPblog, we’ve been searching through the F1 statistics to see what records and milestones today’s deal opens up for the seven-time World Champion. 

Two major centenary milestones are going to be reached by Hamilton now he has this new deal. It’s almost certain that Hamilton will achieve his 100th pole position and 100th race win. He was expected to reach the 100th pole position last season, but his Saturday achievements dried up during the final five Grands Prix of the season. 

Hamilton needs two more pole positions to secure his 100th. Even though Valtteri Bottas usually starts seasons in strong form, you’d expect the Brit to wrap that up by the time the 2021 F1 circus reaches Spain or Monaco.

Driver Name Pole Positions
Lewis Hamilton 98
Michael Schumacher 68
Ayrton Senna 65
Sebastian Vettel 57
Jim Clark 33

Hamilton needs five more Grands Prix victories to secure 100 race wins in Formula 1. If he follows his usual trend at around a 50% strike rate, he’ll hit his 100th win at the 2021 British Grand Prix. That would be a special occasion for the Brit if fans are allowed in on the newly named Hamilton straight. 

Driver Name F1 Wins 
Lewis Hamilton  95
Michael Schumacher 91
Sebastian Vettel 53
Alain Prost 51
Ayrton Senna 41

He will become the first driver to achieve both of those milestones. He also has the chance to hit 4,000 career points. Being just 222 points shy, he won’t even need to win the title to hit that milestone. But of course, the ‘most career points’ leaderboard isn’t a realistic measuring tool with more points available in modern F1 than ever before. 

Driver Name Career Points
Lewis Hamilton 3,778
Sebastian Vettel 3,018
Fernando Alonso 1,899
Kimi Raikkonen 1,863
Nico Rosberg 1594.50

Of course, more Grands Prix in the modern era gives the top drivers more chances of leading more laps. Lewis Hamilton will take Schumacher's record in this department as well.

Driver Laps in the lead
Michael Schumacher 5,111
Lewis Hamilton 5,099
Sebastian Vettel 3,495
Ayrton Senna 2,931
Alain Prost 2,683

 Consecutive seasons with a podium finish

Driver Consecutive seasons with a podium finish Years
Michael Schumacher 15 1992 - 2006
Lewis Hamilton 14 2007 - 2020
Sebastian Vettel 13 2008 - 2020
Nigel Mansell 12 1981 - 1992
Gerhard Berger 12 1986 - 1997

Most Wins at different circuits/Grand Prix

With the deal being a one year contract, Hamilton only has one chance at this record. He can break it at the Hungarian Grand Prix. If he signs again, he could get more chances at other tracks but this is dependant on future announcements.

Driver Circuit (Grand Prix) Number
Michael Schumacher Magny-Cours (France) 8
Lewis Hamilton Hungaroring (Hungary) 8
Michael Schumacher Montreal (Canada) 7
Michael Schumacher Imola (San Marino) 7
Lewis Hamilton Montreal (Canada) 7
Lewis Hamilton Silverstone (Britain) 7
Ayrton Senna Monaco  6
Michael Schumacher Spa (Belgium) 6
Lewis Hamilton Shanghai (China) 6

Getting tricker - most wins in a single year

Hamilton will need his most dominant season to achieve this record. Though having 23 Grands Prix on the schedule gives him a helping hand. 

Driver Wins a single year Year
Michael Schumacher 13/18 2004
Sebastian Vettel 13/19 2013
Michael Schumacher 11/17 2002
Sebastian Vettel 11/19 2011
Lewis Hamilton 11/19 2014

And of course...

Drivers World Championships
Michael Schumacher 7
Lewis Hamilton 7
Juan Manuel Fangio 5
Alain Prost 4
Sebastian Vettel 4

 Predicting the entire 2021 Formula 1 World Championship

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