"Marko has a phone which you can only use to call"

21-01-2021 15:20 | Updated: 21-01-2021 17:51
by GPblog.com
Marko has a phone which you can only use to call

Sergio Sette Camara was the reserve driver for Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri in 2020, but he didn't get any real mileage out of it. Sette Camara's contract was not renewed either and this season he will be making his debut in Formula E. In an interview, the Brazilian looks back on the past twelve months.

"He is different, his driver academy is the best and you see the results. The bottom line is that Red Bull is investing in the programme, and Marko is doing a great job," Sette Camara responded when asked by F1ingenerale.com what it was like to work with the 77-year-old Austrian.

Particular style pays off

He recognises that Marko is sometimes very strict. "Maybe sometimes he could be a bit less hard on the drivers, but he has a different method. It is not what I would do, but it works. He has brought in many good drivers, like Max Verstappen who was a star in Formula 3. But also Daniel Ricciardo, Sebastian Vettel and many others," he praised.

"He is a controversial figure, phone calls with him are always difficult because you never understand what he wants to say, he is always tough, he still has a phone that you can only use to call, but with me he has always been very serious."

Back to the old nest for one year

In 2016, Sette Camara was part of Red Bull's junior team. However, he was sent away, but four years later he returned. "If he sees that you are improving he will give you a second chance, but if he sees that you are not performing he will also make the right choice. He always goes for the best driver, he doesn't ask why you didn't do well. It is his way of working and I understand him," said the 22-year-old driver.

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