Formula 1 considers rotating different circuits

21-01-2021 07:57 | Updated: 21-01-2021 11:54
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Formula 1 considers rotating different circuits

The Formula 1 calendar was completed again on Wednesday with the test days, but that is far from the last news about the calendar. There are 23 races to be held and F1's new CEO has different ideas for the future.

The Formula One calendar

The 2021 F1 calendar was supposed to return to normal, but in the end it has not. The coronavirus has continued to cause chaos, and the Australian Grand Prix was postponed and the winter tests are now in Bahrain. However, Australia will probably not be the last race to be postponed or cancelled.

For example, it is very difficult for street circuits to start building the circuits with current conditions. Fixed circuits are less affected by this and are more flexible in this respect. Stefano Domenicali wants to have a more flexible F1 calendar in the future and does not exclude the rotation of circuits.

Rotating circuits

''It is a large number, 23 races, let there be no doubt about that. It's about quantity, attention and the dedication of the fans. So some will say it is too many, others may say it is not a problem. I think the problem will solve itself if our product is very good,'' the Formula One boss told Sky Sports.

''We might go to a situation where we have fewer races, but that we rotate with different Grands Prix, so we can have the focus on different regions. We have to think about that carefully this year as we prepare for a situation where the world is back to 'normal," Domenicali concluded.

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