Perez reflects on positive COVID-19 test: “You were the most stupid guy in there”

20-01-2021 19:55 | Updated: 21-01-2021 11:29
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Perez reflects on positive COVID-19 test: “You were the most stupid guy in there”

Sergio Perez was the first Formula One driver to suffer a coronavirus infection, forcing him to miss two races in 2020. Nico Hulkenberg filled in for him, before the Mexican returned and finished the season. More drivers subsequently tested positive, including Lance Stroll and Lewis Hamilton

Perez reflects on tough year

He reflected on this in an interview with Red Bull Racing. Coronavirus has posed quite a challenge for Perez personally, and what didn't help was all the background issues. Despite being satisfied with his career so far, he has done everything in his power to hope for something to come out of it.

"I certainly had a very tough year. Being the first driver to get the virus, now it’s like a bit more normal, people get it. At the time it was like ‘you’re the most stupid guy in there’, because you got the virus. It was very harsh for me to deal with it. It was a very critical time aswell in my career because there was that contract thing."

Everything worked out well

Sebastian Vettel will take over his seat in 2021 but he admitted everything has worked out fine in the end. He continued: "In the end I lost my seat with the team, but it worked out really well. I never knew what was going to happen, when it happend I was pretty relaxed."

"I’ve had a tremendous career already and I’m pleased with myself, but I just have to give it all weekend after weekend and see what happens. And when the Red Bull opportunity opened up, it was sometimes looking better, sometimes looking worse. But in the end it worked out.

"I think this opportunity only comes one in your lifetime, so I know that and I’m ready to make it work," said Sergio Perez, who will race alongside Max Verstappen on behalf of Red Bull Racing this year.

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