Domenicali has a clear goal: 'The drivers will be at the centre of Formula 1'

20-01-2021 18:29 | Updated: 20-01-2021 19:33
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Domenicali has a clear goal: 'The drivers will be at the centre of Formula 1'

Stefano Domenicali was until recently the CEO of Lamborghini, but he recently made the switch to Formula 1 where he succeeds Chase Carey as CEO of Liberty Media. With Domenicali at the helm, an old hand in Formula 1 from his time at Ferrari, a new direction is being taken and it revolves around the drivers.

The soul of the sport

Domenicali said this in an exclusive interview with Martin Brundle of Sky Sports F1. The vision for the future is for drivers to be in the spotlight even more, as they are the centre of the sport. Drivers are already in the spotlight, of course, but Domenicali wants to push that to a higher level.

The Italian says: "The drivers will be at the centre of the future of Formula 1. I think that they represent the real soul of our sport - their faces, their ability. I would say to interpret them, not only as drivers, but as the ambassadors of our sport. They will be crucial for the future."

Good drivers

What helps here is of course the fact that the majority of the new drivers are top talents and that makes for a special generation. In the words of the Italian: "We didn't have in the last decade so many good drivers as we have now. We have incredible young drivers, there is an incredible record to be achieved for Lewis (Hamilton), for others, so the challenge there is great."

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