Vettel on missing out on the title: 'Something is missing of course'

20-01-2021 10:25 | Updated: 20-01-2021 10:44
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Vettel on missing out on the title: 'Something is missing of course'

Sebastian Vettel leaves Ferrari without having been able to make his dreams come true. As a four-time world champion at Red Bull Racing, the goal was to win a title at Ferrari. However, Vettel is not leaving the team frustrated.

In 2015, Vettel made the switch from Red Bull to Ferrari. Fernando Alonso had failed to lead Ferrari to the title and so Vettel was brought in. 2014 might not have been such a good season for him, but the title still remained the goal. However, this was ultimately not achieved.

No frustration

''The title was a big thing though, so of course there is something missing. But I am sure I will not be frustrated all my life, because everything happens for a reason. Good things come your way but also bad things. I've learned a lot from that,'' the German told RACER of his past seasons.

''Those setbacks will help me on the rest of my path in Formula 1 and also outside the sport. I'm sure I'll leave Ferrari richer than I entered it and the experiences and lessons I've taken away will only help me in the rest of my life,'' concludes the driver who made the switch to Aston Martin.

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