New Williams CEO: "Want to emphasise the social role of motorsport"

18-01-2021 18:20
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New Williams CEO: Want to emphasise the social role of motorsport

Jost Capito, the new CEO of Williams, has lifted the veil in an interview regarding his plans for the team, not only when it comes to racing and results, but also on what he calls "the social role of motorsport in society."

Capito wants Williams to be a forerunner in sustainability and social awareness, he says in  the German podcast Alte Schule. Capito does this amidst many developments regarding sustainability in motorsport. The FIA recently announced that it wants its operations to be climate-neutral by 2030, and the 2026 engine regulations also reflect these ambitions, by further emphasising the role of the hybrid component of the engine.

"I discussed with the Williams owners and said that my aim is not just to get better results. I believe that motorsport also has a social role to play in society", Capito explained. 

He continues: "I think Williams is predestined for it, because Williams is history. And we will clearly keep our history, but there has to be a Williams 2.0 that can take on a leading role in Formula 1 - if not in terms of performance at the moment, then definitely in terms of social thinking.”

Especially needed in Formula 1

Capito also argues that the Formula 1 viewing public often doesn't care enough about the environment, which reinforces his ambitions all the more. “That's why I think it has a job to get the fans to believe. This is not about prohibiting, but about adopting a different behavior which is just as beautiful, appealing and emotional as to what they are used to”, said the new owner of Williams. 

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