'On this day Alfa Romeo will present 2021 car abroad'

18-01-2021 15:07 | Updated: 18-01-2021 15:22
by GPblog.com
'On this day Alfa Romeo will present 2021 car abroad'

Alfa Romeo Racing will most likely present its race car for this year in Poland. The team of drivers Antonio Giovinazzi and Kimi Raikkonen will be based in Warsaw, the Italian branch of Motorsport.com reported on Monday afternoon.

Poland because of PKN Orlen

The choice of the Polish capital is somewhat special, as Alfa Romeo is an Italian team. It is said to have everything to do with the support of PKN Orlen, a Polish oil company.

The unveiling of the successor to the 2020 C39 will take place on 22 February. It is not yet entirely clear in what setting this will take place. For the time being, Alfa Romeo is the only formation for which a date for the presentation of the 2021 car has been mentioned. 

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