Giovinazzi: "He's still one of the best on the grid"

18-01-2021 11:55 | Updated: 18-01-2021 12:18
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Giovinazzi: He's still one of the best on the grid

Antonio Giovinazzi is entering his third full season in Formula 1. Alongside Kimi Raikkonen, the Italian is still learning more every day. The Alfa Romeo driver therefore indicates that it is crucial for his career that he gets to drive alongside the Finn again in 2021.

Raikkonen sets a crucial example

In 2020 Giovinazzi already made a big step up and was not inferior to his teammate, the former world champion. Both men scored four points in the championship. In 2021, Alfa Romeo will have the same driver lineup.

Speaking to, Giovinazzi expressed his pleasure: "[With] Kimi again beside me next season I think I can still do another step. It will be really important to watch him because I think, like I've said many times, he's still one of the best on the grid, especially on the race pace and managing the race. I'm happy to continue with him."

Already set on his own path in 2020

Giovinazzi wants to use 2021 to make the car his own even more. The Italian says he has already started doing that in 2020: "When I came here [in 2019] I tried to focus more on Kimi's side. To see what he was doing and why he was doing [it]. And in the end I always followed him I would say.

"But [in 2020] I'd got more experience and I know what they want and what I like more - especially in the different tracks and different conditions. It was again a good step this season, but I think next year I will feel again a lot more confident."

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