New Williams team boss wants to keep 'family feeling' in the team

17-01-2021 10:30 | Updated: 17-01-2021 11:04
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New Williams team boss wants to keep 'family feeling' in the team

There have been many changes at Williams in 2020. This time last year the Williams family was still at the helm, but it is now the American investors of Dorilton Capital who are leading the team. The family may no longer be linked to the F1 team, but if it is up to team principal Simon Roberts, the family atmosphere will remain within the team.

Because, Roberts explained, it was agreed at the time of investment that they would maintain the family history. "We put together a plan where the focus was: 'What do we need to do, what can we do and what are we going to do to improve the performance of the team'. We are now one hundred per cent focused on adding to that performance," the Williams team boss explained to

Maintaining a family spirit

"That also means providing a good working environment. Dorilton doesn't want to take away the current atmosphere, which feels very welcome at Williams. We really want to keep the family atmosphere and the friendliness". Therefore, there will be a number of investments to maintain that working atmosphere. "We will improve a number of facilities. It's simple, but it will allow us to work better."

Despite the departure of the Williams family, Roberts hopes Claire Williams will still visit the team often. "Hopefully when we get back to Europe. She has had a tremendously difficult time. To keep it together for so long and also always hold out hope is really great. We have a lot of respect for what she has done," Roberts concluded.

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