Third F1 team shows interest in Formula E: 'Is because of low costs'

17-01-2021 09:12 | Updated: 17-01-2021 11:02
Third F1 team shows interest in Formula E: 'Is because of low costs'

Formula 1 is known for its large staff and the millions spent by the teams to get the best out of the car. From this season onwards, however, there is a budget cap, which means that staff and expenses must be kept under control. Mercedes had already found a solution to this in Formula E and it seems that more and more teams are looking at other classes.

McLaren, for example, recently announced that they have a contract with Formula E to participate in FE from 2022. Another team also seems to be interested in the electric racing class, namely Alpine. The team that went by the name of Renault last year is, according to Autosport, together with Lotus, looking at whether Formula E is a possibility to work together.

Cooperation between Lotus and Alpine?

A Lotus spokesman told Autosport that no decisions have been made yet. "It is a collaboration within motorsport. Together we look at the potential possibilities within motorsport. Lotus has a rich history and Renault and Alpine are experts in Formula E, Formula 1, the WEC and much more. That could make for interesting collaborations."

Renault competed for several years in the early years of Formula E, but the name disappeared in 2018 when Nissan e.dams took over. Formula E Chief Executive Officer Jamie Reigle hopes that more teams will realise that Formula E is an exciting class and also follow McLaren's example. Especially now that Audi and BMW are saying goodbye after next season.

Many teams show interest in FE

"We're not worried about Audi's spot yet, because there are many people interested in that team model. Then you also have the demand from new constructors who want to participate. In 2018 they still thought it was too expensive, but with the Gen3 car coming, where we've really looked at keeping costs down, suddenly there are teams interested again," Reigle revealed hopefully.

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