A huge mistake by Aston Martin: 'His last two years were miserable!'

16-01-2021 17:44 | Updated: 16-01-2021 21:21
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A huge mistake by Aston Martin: 'His last two years were miserable!'

After a long search during the 2020 season, Sebastian Vettel managed to find a place for the upcoming season: Aston Martin F1. According to Eddie Jordan, the team made a big mistake in doing so.

Even before the season had begun, Vettel immediately received the bad news from Ferrari. From 2021 onwards he will have to find another employer. That news immediately caused a whole landslide, with several drivers changing teams. Because of that shift it seemed for a long time that there would be no place for Vettel in Formula 1, but that doubt came to an end after Racing Point - from this year on Aston Martin - announced the German as its new acquisition.

The team is immensely happy to add a world champion to its ranks, but according to Eddie Jordan, there is no reason to be happy at all. "I like Vettel very much, but I think Aston Martin made a mistake in giving him a contract. The last two years against Charles Leclerc at Ferrari were miserable. I don't know why he looked so bad, he won four world titles after all. But I think he's past his prime. I would have kept Sergio Perez," states the former team boss in an interview with F1-Insider.com.

Little opposition for Vettel

Yet Jordan does not think the German will be canned at his new team. Of teammate Lance Stroll, the Irishman has an even lower opinion. "Lance is like a knapsack. You never know what's inside. Sometimes he drives well, sometimes extremely badly. He's anything but consistent," Jordan concludes. Whether Stroll can compete with Vettel will become clear in March, when Formula 1 starts again.

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