Russell can be harsh on himself: "I’m my biggest critic"

16-01-2021 08:51 | Updated: 16-01-2021 10:53
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Russell can be harsh on himself: I’m my biggest critic

George Russell is a very talented driver and is highly praised by the people in the paddock. Give him a fast car and he will fight for the win. He showed this in the Sakhir GP. Russell himself thinks that with the right equipment he can compete with Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton on a weekly basis.

A critical look at himself

"I’m honest with myself, I know when there’s a bit more time in there", Russell said in a conversation with Autocar. "When I watch a lap of Lewis Hamilton or Max Verstappen and I see what they’re achieving, I know if I’ve managed to do similar or if I’m a bit away from them. I’m my biggest critic."

Always keep learning from yourself

When things go wrong, the 22-year-old Brit is also tough on himself: "If you’re the one to make the mistake, it’s always important to hold your hands up because it makes others realise that if they make a mistake, they can hold their hand up and learn from it."

Russell was on his way to what would at the time be his first points in Formula One at Imola last year. However, the Mercedes protégé crashed behind the safety car and he and Williams did not retain any points from the race. "That was important, not just for myself but also for the team, to say: ‘I messed this up, I’m incredibly sorry and I’m doing my utmost to not let it happen again. I’ll come back stronger and deliver the goods.'"

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