Verstappen: "I don't think you can last a whole season that way"

15-01-2021 15:07 | Updated: 15-01-2021 16:35
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Verstappen: I don't think you can last a whole season that way

It must be frustrating at times, knowing you have what it takes to win, but having a car that just isn't good enough. While Jos Verstappen indicated that he was irritated about the fact that the Red Bull car was not good enough, his son Max is rather resigned.

In an interview with David Coulthard for, Max Verstappen is asked if the lack of speed frustrates him. "In the beginning it did. You believe every time that it's going to happen now, but then every year it doesn't happen," says Verstappen.

Verstappen tries to make the most out of it

"This year I said to myself, 'You know what, I can be frustrated that we're not winning, but maybe it's better to accept that it can't happen, and still try to get the best out of it and enjoy that as well,' and that's what I'm trying to do now.

"If you get frustrated every time - I don't think you can last a whole season in that way," Verstappen said.

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