Sainz: "Let's make motorsports more attractive to women"

15-01-2021 15:05 | Updated: 15-01-2021 16:34
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Sainz: Let's make motorsports more attractive to women

Women in motorsport is becoming a bigger issue. For example, since 2019 there is the W Series, a racing championship in which only female drivers participate. But the FIA organization is also working to increase the number of women in the organization, although the question is whether a quota is the right solution for that.

There is Girls on Track, an FIA karting program in which young women compete for a contract at the Ferrari Driver Academy.

Carlos Sainz visits Girls on Track

The program was halted in December due to a positive coronavirus test from one of the participants, but has recently resumed.

Yesterday, Carlos Sainz caused a stir when he visited the finalists in Maranello, reports. "We would like to thank Carlos for visiting the finalists in Maranello. What a surprise for our rising stars! After such a motivating and inspiring talk, the lap times are definitely a few tenths faster," the FIA stated.

Sainz applauds FIA's work in this area, stressing the need to make motorsport interesting for everyone. "It was a pleasure to be at the FIA Women in Motorsport yesterday. Let's make motorsport more attractive for women," Sainz said.

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