Not the Mercedes way: This is what the Ferrari engine will do differently in 2021

15-01-2021 12:03 | Updated: 15-01-2021 12:50
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Not the Mercedes way: This is what the Ferrari engine will do differently in 2021

Last season was one to quickly frget for Ferrari. With a mediocre car and a deteriorated engine compared to 2019, it can be clearly stated that the Italian team has work to do if they want to be at the front of the grid again next year. 

For Ferrari, the problems started when a new rule from the FIA prohibited them from playing with fuel flow regulations. The engine that the Scuderia will use in 2021 is in the final stages of development, reported. Ferrari have not made any drastic changes to the new power unit however, instead they are said to have focused on tweaking thermal conduction and the power train, which includes engine, gearbox and transmission. Ferrari believe this gives them a significant advantage. 

Not the Mercedes way reports that Ferrari considered setting up their powersource like Mercedes, with the turbine and compressor on either side of the combustion engine. This idea was abandoned, however, and instead the focus was on the introduction of a redesigned cylinder head. This will increase the pressure in the combustion chamber and allow the fuel to atomise better. These developments were originally planned for 2022 but have now been brought forward by a year. 

Other changes to the 2021 Ferrari engine concern the cooling systems, as well as reducing the size of the turbine to speed up electrical charging and energy recovery. 

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