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This is how Seidl got McLaren on track, Sainz and Norris explain

This is how Seidl got McLaren on track, Sainz and Norris explain

14-01-2021 19:43 Last update: 20:20


McLaren's success as one of the strongest teams in the midfield raises not only the question of how strongly they can continue this next year, now with Daniel Ricciardo instead of Carlos Sainz behind the wheel, but also who should be thanked for this growth. Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris have pointed at team principal Andreas Seidl.

According to Sainz and Norris, Seidl's management style is one of the keys to McLaren's success. Sainz sees a correlation between Seidl's arrival a year and a half ago and the team's continued development. "Andreas did a very good job for McLaren. You just have to look at the results and how far the team has come in the last 18 months in which he has worked for the team," Sainz explained to Motorsport.com.

Norris praises Seidl's style

Norris also sees a key figure in his team boss. He explained: "I have only positive words left for Andreas. I admire him. I have learned a lot from him over the past few months, including about his management style." 

According to Norris, Seidl's success lies in his involvement towards the drivers. He continued: "Andreas knows more than anyone how I work, how I approach the races and he also knows where we score… He's my first real team boss in Formula 1, so it's difficult for me to compare him. But he's a very down-to-earth guy who understands how the drivers are doing and what they need. And he knows how he allows drivers to do their best."

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