Imola spoke to Domenicali at early stage: 'There was little he could do then'

12-01-2021 19:46 | Updated: 12-01-2021 22:35
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Imola spoke to Domenicali at early stage: 'There was little he could do then'

Imola will return to the Formula 1 calendar in 2021. The talks between the Italian circuit and new Formula One CEO Stefano Domenicali were initiated at an early stage.

Talking to Todt first

"We have to enjoy this now, but also want to be on the calendar in the coming years," Andrea Corsini, councillor of the Emilia Romagna region, told La Gazzetta dello Sport. Corsini said that the promoters had entered into early talks with Jean Todt about a possible race in 2021. Corsini was often present at the online meetings.

However, Todt was not the right man to guarantee Imola a place on the calendar. "He told us he could do little because it would have to go through the FOM. He did say that we and Portimao had the best papers," continued Corsini.

Clarity on Imola position soon

In the meantime, the first contact with Domenicali was made in December. "He couldn't do much for us yet, because at that time he was not yet CEO of F1. Several meetings with the FOM followed, during which clarity was given about our position quite quickly."

Corsini revealed that Imola was actually supposed to get the spot originally held by Vietnam, but it now seems that will go to Portimao.

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