Stroll happy with Racing Point: 'A bad car kind of backfires on me’

08-01-2021 15:10 | Updated: 08-01-2021 16:46
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Stroll happy with Racing Point: 'A bad car kind of backfires on me’

Lance Stroll had his best season so far at Racing Point last year. With two podium finishes and eleventh place in the championship, he scored more points than his previous three seasons combined.

Reverse effect

Racing Point took a big step forward in 2020 and finished fourth in the Constructors' Championship. For Stroll it was the best car he had ever driven and he noticed the difference. "If you get a good car, you get good results, and you just build confidence," said Stroll at “Sometimes when I was in a bad car, if anything, it kind of backfired on me.”

Doubts about abilities

In his first few seasons, Stroll regularly doubted his own abilities. "I had many questions for myself. Am I able to deliver results? To qualify up front? You don't get results like that just like that."

In 2020, Stroll proved to himself that he can do it. "I just answered a lot of questions to myself that I asked myself in the last few seasons until I had a chance to sit in a car that really performs."

According to Stroll, that's also thanks to a good car, something he never had before. "I didn't know it until I was in the car last year and I realised how much difference there was, and how much I could build on my ability to drive a good car. That is one of the biggest advantages of a good car; what you can get out of yourself. It gives you so much more confidence in driving the car. It allows you to attack the bends much harder and just push the car much harder."

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