Can Ferrari close the gap in 2021? "30hp more seems like a few to me"

04-01-2021 19:18 | Updated: 04-01-2021 21:44
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Can Ferrari close the gap in 2021? 30hp more seems like a few to me

Ferrari has been in considerable difficulty since the new directives on fuel supply. From the most powerful engine they have fallen back to behind Honda and Renault in one swoop. That is a loss that they are not going to make up for just like that. No miracles are therefore expected from the new engine in 2021.

Ferrari is, of course, doing everything in its power to reduce the lack of horsepower as quickly as possible. Certainly if the development of engines is restricted, you do not want to be stuck for years on end with a power source that produces too little power. Although Mattia Binotto promises that they will have 30 hp more by 2021, not everyone is convinced by that figure.

"The Ferrari power unit was very bad at everything in 2020, from the internal combustion engine to the electrical components," says journalist Leo Turrini on his blog. "We have discussed the reasons endlessly. Now let's see what they offer us for this 2021. To me the 30 hp more seems like a few."

Upgrade doesn't seem to be going smoothly

Even at Ferrari they know that this will not be enough to suddenly go for the title again and so they are aiming for third place in the constructors' championship next season. It is now especially important that the update is implemented without any problems. "I know there are concerns about the oval exhausts. In any case the whispers at Haas and Alfa are that they don't expect anything special," said Turrini.

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