Fittipaldi sees no future in F1: 'Want to prove myself there'

26-12-2020 19:00 | Updated: 26-12-2020 20:56
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Fittipaldi sees no future in F1: 'Want to prove myself there'

Pietro Fittipaldi suddenly got the chance to debut in Formula 1 due to the severe crash of Romain Grosjean. The Brazilian didn't do anything wrong and finished the two races he started. After his debut he announced that he would like to return to the IndyCar Series.

Replacing Grosjean

Fittipaldi was allowed to replace Grosjean during the Grands Prix of Sakhir and Abu Dhabi, while the Frenchman was recovering from his burns suffered in his scary crash in Bahrain. However, Haas F1's test driver does not see a future in Formula 1; he prefers to return to the IndyCar Series where he has already raced six races in 2018.

"I’ve been trying to get back in IndyCar ever since the 2018 season finished, just because I love the style of racing," Fittipaldi tells "It’s great people, the environment is something I’m very used to." According to the Brazilian, it helps that he has lived his whole life in the United States and that he has two uncles racing there.

IndyCar the big dream

"Coming back to IndyCar, it would be a dream. And I adapted really well to the car in 2018," continues Fittipaldi. The 24-year-old driver says he was unable to give the full 100% during his first IndyCar stint due to a broken leg. He was driving with a carbon brace and needed painkillers during the races.

"That hurt me a bit because I couldn’t show people what I can do, and I’ve always wanted to come back and really prove myself again in IndyCar," concludes Fittipaldi, who says that behind the scenes he is working hard to get back to racing.

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