Piquet Jr: "If everyone said what they felt, many people would have enemies"

22-12-2020 14:05 | Updated: 22-12-2020 15:30
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Piquet Jr: If everyone said what they felt, many people would have enemies

Nelson Piquet j., the son of three-time Formula 1 world champion Nelson Piquet, has been talking about Max Verstappen in an interview with the Brazilian branch of Motorsport.com. He believes it is better that he is honest rather than be a different person in front of the cameras.

Piquet Jr, himself is a former Formula 1 driver and Formula E World Champion, has known Verstappen for many years, as he was his neighbour in Monaco.

"He is very dedicated in his way, and spends a lot of time figuring out what he can do to improve," said Piquet.

Verstappen dares to be himself

He is also asked what he thinks about Verstappen's attitude towards the press, which the Dutchman sometimes makes controversial statements to.

"Sometimes it's better to have an honest, transparent and clear man in front of you than someone who is fake, and who is a different person in front of the camera than behind it. Max is who he is, and my father also respects that he does not pretend to be different from who he is," says Piquet.

"There are people who don't like that, but he just says what he feels and he's at least honest. I think that if everyone said what he felt, many people would have more enemies. But these days, everyone says what they want to hear in front of the camera," he concludes.

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