Domenicali wants to get rid of complex engines: 'Rulesbook looks like a bible'

20-12-2020 17:33 | Updated: 20-12-2020 19:29
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Domenicali wants to get rid of complex engines: 'Rulesbook looks like a bible'

The end of the 2020 season also means the end of the era with Chase Carey as the boss of Formula 1. The American has certainly done a great job this last year to set up another full season, but now it is Stefano Domenicali's turn to take the sport in the right direction.

Unlike Carey, Domenicali is a man raised in Formula 1. He was hired at Ferrari immediately after his studies and eventually became team boss there in 20 years. His vision for the future of Formula 1 is a combination of that love of the sport and the changes Liberty Media has set in motion.

In order to make the sport attractive again, not only to fans, but also to new manufacturers, Domenicali wants to get rid of the current hybrid engines. "We want to avoid the mistakes made in the past. And we need to simplify the rules.

"If you look at the technical or sporting rules, it looks like a bible. The rules have to be simplified, but at the same time we have to keep the possibilities of interpretation to a minimum and avoid grey areas," the Italian said to La Gazzetta dello Sport.

MotoGP and Zandvoort as examples

In addition to cheaper and simpler engines, he wants the driver to be more central and able to make a difference. He sees the current MotoGP as an excellent example, but he also looks at the festival idea from Zandvoort for inspiration. "A Grand Prix should be a mix of sport, entertainment and music, like a concert, a unique experience," says Domenicali.

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