Daimler is not afraid of being sidelined by Wolff and INEOS

20-12-2020 15:24 | Updated: 20-12-2020 15:32
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Daimler is not afraid of being sidelined by Wolff and INEOS

Last week, the Mercedes Formula 1 team entered into closer cooperation with one of the main sponsors. INEOS took over one third of the shares. Given the many rumours about a possible departure of Mercedes last year, this could be seen as the start of a complete takeover by INEOS.

However, according to the big boss of the chemical company, this is completely out of the question. When Jim Ratcliffe is asked whether he has any intention of ever owning his own team, Motorsport-Total.com quotes the following. "I don't intend to at all. I am happy with the composition of a third share in the team. It is a very harmonious relationship."

Daimler has lesser experiences with minority shareholding

According to the German website, however, there is a danger in the minority shareholding at Mercedes. Daimler had been in exactly the same situation at McLaren before, and then the manufacturer was put out of business by fellow owners Ron Dennis and Mansour Ojjeh after some time.

However, Daimler's current CEO, Ola Kallenius, is not afraid that history will repeat itself in this respect and has full confidence in a partnership with Ratcliffe and Toto Wolff. "We have common interests. Any partnership is based on trust between the people involved."

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