Gasly on winning 'Moment of the Year' prize: "I need more of these moments"

20-12-2020 13:25 | Updated: 20-12-2020 15:28
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Gasly on winning 'Moment of the Year' prize: I need more of these moments

With the Formula 1 season now officially coming to an end, it is of course time to look back on an eventful season on and around the grid. Also at Formula 1 Café the season was discussed in detail, and viewers could choose which driver experienced the best moment of the season. With his first victory in Italy, Pierre Gasly took off with the prize.

When Jack Plooij asks Gasly for F1 Café how he looks back on his victory at the end of the season, the Frenchman admits that it hasn't completely sunk in yet. He says: “It’s been incredible. I didn’t really have time because this year is so intense, I didn't really have time to reflect on it as much as I would like.” 

However, Gasly doesn't have to worry about the victory not sinking in properly, he admits himself: “After the season with my family I’ll take a bit more time [to reflect].”

First of many victories 

Gasly continues:  “It was a really powerful moment. Really emotional, and that’s why I want many more. This is the first one, but I need more of these moments.”

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