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What is Max Verstappen's favourite food?

What is Max Verstappen's favourite food?

09-12-2020 20:17 Last update: 23:15


In a video for sponsor G-Star RAW on his YouTube channel, Max Verstappen has been talking about his eating habits. He had already indicated that he does not eat breakfast and he does intermittent fasting. But which dish can you really make Verstappen happy with?

Verstappen is a fan of Italian and Dutch cuisine

He admitted to being a lover of Italian cuisine, but admitted if hasn't eaten, he won't be happy. "But if I haven't eaten properly, I'll be grumpy."

Verstappen prefers to eat what he knows and doesn't like to try new dishes. "But if I do that once and I don't like it, I'll just order something else."

He also loves a number of typical Dutch dishes. "I do like mashed potatoes. And I don't know if it's really Dutch, but when I'm with my mom or dad I also like to have a french fries special or a frikandel special. I can enjoy that so much."

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