Red Bull used Sakhir GP to test new rear wing system

08-12-2020 12:20
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Red Bull used Sakhir GP to test new rear wing system

Red Bull Racing took advantage of the fast track at Sakhir's GP weekend to test a novelty on the rear wing. It is also known that Sebastian Vettel's power source was changed in the middle of the weekend. However, the Ferrari driver did not receive a grid penalty.

Red Bull tested new rear wing

Because of the different layout of the Bahrein International Circuit that was applied last F1 weekend, the circuit in Bahrain became a very fast track with times below one minute. Red Bull Racing looked at its options on the track where little downforce was needed.

On Friday, Max Verstappen drove with a rear wing attached to his car with only one connection in the middle. Normally the RB16 drives with two joints at that spot. Even on the low downforce circuit of Monza this has not been tried. It is not clear whether the advantage was there. Verstappen drove during qualifying an the race with the normal wing again.

Vettel got a new power source

In the pictures below you can see the change made to the Red Bull rear wing on Friday. The other photos show Vettel's 'new' power unit hoisted into his Ferrari in the middle of the weekend.

After engine trouble during VT3, the power source had to be replaced an hour before qualifying. The German didn't receive a grid penalty because it was an old power source that was already in use.

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