Horner defends Albon: "I think you should look at how Max has developed"

04-12-2020 17:50 | Updated: 04-12-2020 18:03
Horner defends Albon: I think you should look at how Max has developed

Despite being under increasing pressure at Red Bull, Christian Horner and Helmut Marko have made no secret of their hope to keep him in 2021. Despite only scoring two podiums, Horner believes Albon has done better than Pierre Gasly last year.

"I think you should look at how Max has developed in recent years. If you look at his average, Alex's average is closer to Max than Pierre last year," said Horner to RaceFans.net, who also indicated that the second seat at Red Bull Racing is probably the only option for Albon in 2021. He hopes to be able to give him that opportunity as well.

Albon suffers from a difficult car

"We know that we have had a number of problems with the car that have made his life very difficult. I think we have worked hard to address them, so we are confident that the situation will improve for him and for every other driver."

Horner went on to add that it is not an easy task to be compared to Verstappen at the moment. According to Horner, the Dutchman is in better shape than any other driver in Formula 1. Every driver would have difficulty with that.

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