Grosjean looked death in the eyes: "They can't lose their daddy today!"

04-12-2020 11:12 | Updated: 04-12-2020 13:11
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Grosjean looked death in the eyes: They can't lose their daddy today!

Romain Grosjean took extensive time on Friday prior to the first free practice session to tell the media for the first time how he experienced his horror crash last week at the Bahrain International Circuit. The Haas F1 driver honestly admitted that he didn't think he would survive the accident.

Grosjean tells his experience of horror crash

Grosjean experienced a horror crash after the first few corners of the race in Bahrain. His car broke in two and a fire broke out. Miraculously, the Haas driver survived the accident. It was just in the nick of time.

"It was 28 seconds [in the fire, ed.], But felt much longer," reported the Frenchman, according to Formel1.

"The first thing I did was untie myself as soon as the car stopped. I thought I had removed the steering wheel, but I was told the steering column was broken and the steering wheel was between my legs."

Grosjean looked dead in the eyes

When I tried to get out, I hit my head, the driver continued. "I turned to the left and hit my head again. I saw fire everywhere. There was no time to wait. I thought of Niki Lauda. I tried again and again, but I was stuck."

"Then my body relaxed. I was at peace with myself and thought I was going to die. I wondered where it started, if it hurt. Then I had to think about my children. I thought. They can't lose their daddy today!"

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