Verstappen on his criticism of Albon: "I don't need to add anything"

04-12-2020 07:37 | Updated: 04-12-2020 10:09
Verstappen on his criticism of Albon: I don't need to add anything

Max Verstappen was confronted on Thursday about his statements on Alexander Albon after the Bahrain Grand Prix. The Red Bull Racing driver was by no means impressed by his team mate's third place. The nine-time Grand Prix winner was very critical, but he feels little need to explain this a week later.

"I think you want me to add context to that. I don't need to add anything on that," said Verstappen, somewhat irritated when he is asked in the press conference if he wanted to give any more explanation about his interview with Ziggo Sport last weekend.

Speaking to Jack Plooij, Verstappen said after Albon's podium that there was no need to celebrate the podium, as he had finished some forty seconds behind his teammate. Verstappen did not think that was a very special achievement.

Verstappen felt sorry for Perez

At the end of the day, the 23-year-old Limburger goes a little deeper into the question. "As a team, as a driver everyone of course always want to perform on the highest level which we always try to do but I think it was more that at the time, I felt also a bit sorry to Sergio. You know, retiring from third and stuff like that, so that's it. I think we should leave it there," concluded Verstappen.

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