Albon didn't get any targets from Red Bull: 'This is what I have to do'

04-12-2020 07:33
Albon didn't get any targets from Red Bull: 'This is what I have to do'

Alexander Albon likes the fact that George Russell will make his debut at Mercedes this weekend and that he can show what he is capable of. The Red Bull Racing driver thinks he has a formidable competitor in Russell and further states that there are no specific targets that Red Bull has set him to secure a place with the Milton Keynes-based formation next year.

"I’m excited for him. I think he will show everyone what he can do. “Obviously, it’s exciting for the younger generation I guess and I have no doubts he’s going to do a good job," said Albon at the press conference about the opportunity Russell will have as a replacement for Lewis Hamilton next weekend.

What should Albon do?

The British Thai already has a place on a top team, but it is by no means certain that it will be in 2021. Albon is in a disappointing ninth place in the World Championship and every Grand Prix he has to concede dozens of seconds on Sunday.

What should he do to secure himself a place in the RB17? "I've answered this before. It's just more about doing a good job in results. There's not a clear, specific target. Just gotta show signs of improvement and obviously last weekends have been going pretty well. Yeah, head down and we'll see how it goes," Albon said.

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