Wolff sees this as a kind of job interview for Russell

02-12-2020 15:37 | Updated: 02-12-2020 17:59
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Wolff sees this as a kind of job interview for Russell

Due to his positive coronavirus test, Lewis Hamilton will not be able to participate in the Sakhir Grand Prix this weekend. Mercedes have chosen George Russell as his replacement. According to Will Buxton and Lawrence Baretto, this is the perfect opportunity for Russell to show what he can do.

In a video on YouTube, F1 journalists talk about how they view the news that Russell will get the chance in the world champion's car. They think it will be the perfect opportunity to convince Toto Wolff and the rest of the team of his qualities.

"Perfect chance"

Baretto: "This is fantastic for him. Earlier this year Mercedes inquired about his services before concluding a contract with Valtteri Bottas for the coming years. Then Williams said no, under the old management then. Now they have succeeded, even if it is only for one race. This is a huge opportunity for George, because it will prove to Toto Wolff that he has what the team needs and that he can perform at the highest level."

He continues: "Despite Stoffel Vandoorne being the reserve driver for Mercedes, Wolff wanted George Russell in that car from the start. He sees it as a sort of job interview, to show him what he can do. Almost immediately after the news, they called Williams to ask about George Russell. They really wanted George, because George is their future. He is the potential replacement for Lewis Hamilton in the future. This is the best chance for him to drive in real life, on a track where he can hopefully show what he can do."

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